A new place to know what VCs & Angels would fund- Requests for Startups (RFS)

Jeff Morris Jr. (Team Member of RFS) said that Requests for Startups (RFS) is a project created by@isaac_madan, @shauryasaluja, and myself. We are building a community where venture capitalists and angels can inspire entrepreneurs to think about ideas. The concept was inspired by YCombinator, who created a Requests for Startups site in September:https://www.ycombinator.com/rfs/ “There are a […]

Class 12 CBSE board exam paper 2015

Today CBSE started its class 12th board examination. This all today started with a little lengthy English exam. As this was the first exam of CBSE board 2015, it has a great impact on students on the upcoming remaining exams. CBSE class 12 English paper 2015 was a balance’s paper. Many of the students failed in […]

Facebook gives EBOLA Donation buttons to users

Today logged in my facebook account and found Ebola Donation Button on my wall. First I was little surprised then instantly donated Rs.1000 to International Medical Corps. This was the best feeling of the day and that too at 12:30 AM IST. WOW!! Nice Job Mark. Facebook promises to pay the donation to direct International Medical Corps […]