A new place to know what VCs & Angels would fund- Requests for Startups (RFS)

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Jeff Morris Jr. (Team Member of RFS) said that
Requests for Startups (RFS) is a project created by@isaac_madan@shauryasaluja, and myself.

We are building a community where venture capitalists and angels can inspire entrepreneurs to think about ideas.

The concept was inspired by YCombinator, who created a Requests for Startups site in September:https://www.ycombinator.com/rfs/

“There are a lot of startup ideas we’ve been waiting for people to apply with, sometimes for years. In an effort to be more direct, we’re introducing the RFS (Requests for Startups).” - YCombinator
YC’s Request for Startups was a defining moment in the relationship between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Rather than waiting for pitches, YC made the decision to be proactive process by telling entrepreneurs about ideas that they would be excited to fund.

Yesterday, Andreessen Horowitz followed YC’s lead by releasing their own Request for Startups - and it was a fascinating list:http://a16z.com/2015/01/22/16-th...

We believe that every venture firm, angel investor, and incubator should create a similar list, which is why we built Request for Startups.

We are creating a place where n post a Request for Startups and tell entrepreneurs about concepts and verticals that they would fund. 
RFS will help existing startups find the right investors for their ideas, and will also help entrepreneurs discover their next big idea. Likewise, it'll help investors manage opportunistic inbound and proprietary dealflow.
We are starting with a curated newsletter that features Request for Startups from some of the brightest investors in the world - and we have plans to create something much bigger very soon!
at ProductHunt

Unique Happy Holi 2015 HD wishes, e-cards, messages

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Happy Holi 2015 wishes for your friends and relatives. Holi 2015 will be much more successful this time. Happy Holi 2015 picture Happy Holi 2015 HD Happy Holi Happy Holi 2015 

Class 12 CBSE board exam paper 2015

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Today CBSE started its class 12th board examination. This all today started with a little lengthy English exam. As this was the first exam of CBSE board 2015, it has a great impact on students on the upcoming remaining exams.

CBSE class 12 English paper 2015 was a balance's paper. Many of the students failed in time management and some were able to finish it much before.

English CBSE board paper 2015 was divided into 3 sections:

Section A: Reading section
This section contained 3 comprehensions in which one included note making and others were for finding answers to the questions. Most were related to the tourism, but the third one note making was based on word difference. Note making created some problem for students.

Section B: writing section
This section was lengthy of all and was very time-consuming. All the writing section was related to tourist and government issues and Media.

Section C: literature
Section C was easiest as compared to the other sections and had questions which were easy to be tackled.

So, Overall CBSE Class XII board paper was balanced one and required time management.

The paper was comparitively tough as compared to past years. If you see the sample papers and previous years, the exams set in those days was much easier and the literature section too jad straight questions rather than this year's exam which had some unexpected literature portion.
Aneesh kumar

Cbse Class 12 Date Sheet 2015 | Cbse.nic.in

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Download: click here

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Happy New Year 2015 Wallpapers in HD

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Hi everyone, today is 31 December, 2014 and everyone is busy in organising a party or event tonight. Happy New Year 2015, may this New Year bring happiness in your life. One of the most important things to do on 31st December is to wish each and everyone you know either you have talked or not for a while.

New Year Eve is full of joy and excitement. May this New Year celebration 2015 continue as same as the last years and of course a better one. Here are some of the HD Happy New Year wallpapers that can impress your wife, girlfriend, boss, jijja, etc.

Happy New Year 2015 HD Wallpapers

Happy New Year 2015 Wallpapers HD, New Year 2015 e-cards.

*Complete Guide: How to get Google Adsense in Just 2 hours

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Thinking about getting same tips and tricks about Google Adsense on LMT?

No, you are wrong! Today I will share a complete guide on 'how to get Google Adsense in Just 2 hours'. If you are new to Google Adsense read this post before this will help you better understand Adsense. (Google Adsense- Best to earn from home).

Getting banned or rejected every time you apply for Google Adsense?

Don't worry this is common in many bloggers including me before I started LMT. Letmetell is my life-changing blog. Everything I learned in blogging credits: LMT. Every blogger has passed through this phase of getting rejected (contact any).

For some bloggers, it is difficult to get Google Adsense approved and for others it is like eating candy. It depends on your mindset If you feel it is difficult it becomes difficult and others make it in just few hours.

Before you continue your reading, Don't lose hope and be patient. These two things are best for getting Google Adsense in just few hours.

So, Let's Start:


  1. Blog/Website
  2. Custom Domain name (recommended) or you can use a subdomain too.
  3. Patience
  4. Permanent Address
  5. Bank Account

Before Applying

Most of the blogs get rejected by Google because they don't meet with Google Adsense policies and others because of copyright material they publish. First, of all go through Google Adsense policies. If you are not so much free or you don't want to leave LMT, as you love it so much, continue reading I will tell you everything in brief.

Things you need are listed below:

Best platform for you

Choosing platform is different for every blogger. Wordpress or Blogger or any other. But, I would recommend you to go for Blogger if you don't have a budget to buy a very good hosting for Wordpress blog.

If you are short of budget and try to go with low price hosting or free hosting, keep in mind, your blog is ready to crash. Yeah! your blog will crash because of traffic you get. So, I recommend you to use Blogger platform.

Also, Blogger is SEO optimised for newbie bloggers and easy to use. On the other hand, Wordpress is expensive, customizable to a greater extent and little bit confusing for newbies.

Make a good choice :)

Proper and SEO Optimised template/theme

First impression is the last impression.
A very well know thing to everyone. Theme decides your blog's future, whether you rock or you are below rock.

Theme or sometimes called template is good to convert your blog to your brand which helps make the readers re-visit your blog and gain Google's trust, which we are seeking like hell.

If you use an old trend theme with lots of place for advertisements in comparison to content, you are doing it wrong. You will definitely get rejected by Google.

You need to have a minimal look, SEO optimised theme for your blog. If you want to get a premium blogger or Wordpress theme at 50% OFF you can contact us. Buying theme is not about wasting money because one you establish your blog as a brand, you earn in 6-7 figures. NO LIMIT

No copyright issue

Google hates copy cats. They just kick them out of Google and file a legal complaint against blogger, if he gets a DMCA against him/her. So, If Google does this wash your idea to get Google Adsense for Warez blog (Download blogs), Copied material etc.

Start writing good and unique content because content is king, but Tiger king. You need to work on other things too.

Write your own words. Type! make the world listen to your inner voice!

Finally, Google Adsense will praise your work. Just do it.

Different important pages 'Contact us', 'Disclaimer','Privacy policy'

Make all the necessary arrangements before inviting Google to have a scan. If your blog lacks these pages your probability to get approved is decreased to 1/3 that is too low.

Create every page with proper details and regular updates. If you find writing your own disclaimer and privacy policy difficult, there are many websites available online to do your work for free. And if that also seems cumbersome to you, go to LMT's pages and copy-paste to your blog. Don't forget to make necessary tweaks.

After you are ready with your important pages for your blog, APPLY

Also activate Alexa for your blog. Once you claim your blog on Alexa, you can put Alexa widget on your blog for better ranking :) Read How to add Alexa widget on your Blogger/WordPress blog


Google Adsense might seem strict to one and easy for other. So, don't worry, be calm and apply. Google takes some time to reply to your request for Adsense. So, don't apply for second time until you get an email from Google.

Remove all other ads you are using before applying because Google does not like it. MIND IT

Don't try to get fake visitors to your blog to get Adsense because Google can track each and every visitor which can also result in rejection of your request. Don't try black hat Seo for your blog because it will penalise your blog and ultimately will never get Google Adsense approval.

Once you get your Adsense account comment your experience. :)

Facebook Groups now available for Android and IOS

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Facebook has launched Facebook Groups for Android and IOS today. Now users can organise, maintain and be active on Facebook Groups via Facebook new app for Groups. This app will be helping hand for Bloggers, Business holders and students.

This app doesnot only allows you to check latest updates, but it also allows you to create new groups among your friends, family or whatever, you get notified of latest activity in the group and you can even remove and add members to the Facebook Group. This app is just very productive and time saver if you are in a hurry to board your flight, but want to share something in group.

Facebook Group app has a minimal flat look which is just perfect to create a positive and modern effect on your mind. Facebook Group App is full on pack and you can even search groups that match your interest and info.

Group app is really upto the mark, but app sometime crashing giving some kind of error. Keeping everything in mind, Facebook Group app is just perfect and can be made better in upcoming app's updates.

Where to download?

Official Website: www.facebookgroup.com
IOS Download: Download
Android Download: Download