24-Karat Gold iPhone 6 is available for Pre-Order Via Brikk with official release date

iPhone gold

Want luxury with the latest technology?

Brikk is here with a solution to this problem. Now you can Pre-Order your own 24-karat Gold iPhone 6, which is yet to be announced in the month of September or October.

Apple is going to launch it’s new iPhone model named ‘iPhone 6’ in the month of September or October (may vary as per conditions – Apple). As per the latest news about the upcoming iPhone model, Brikk’s Gold iPhone will have same specs. Brand new iPhone 6 listed on Brikk’s official site will have a 4.7″ Screen with storage capacity of 128Gb and too the latest iOS.

It has been reported that Apple is trashing it’s 16Gb variant¬†and is replacing that with a 128Gb inBuild storage capacity model. As the purchase for this variant decreased drastically. Brikk is only providing a 128Gb storage iPhone 6, because as per my opinion who is a dumbass millionaire who is going to buy a Gold iPhone with low inBuild storage to save money. LOL

iPhone gold

The Gold model provided by Brikk will be a GSM unlocked version for worldwide use. Brikk is providing a 1 year Brikk warranty on defects. The box will contain a user manual, Usb cable, Power adapter, headphones, Brikk’s warranty card, certificate of authenticity and the information that this model is made in Los Angeles, USA.

iPhone 6 is available in white and black variants for the seams and is also available in different precious metals like 950 Platinum and Pink Gold. And is also available in simple black with diamond Apple logo with same white and black finishing.

iPhone gold

Prices of the Brikk’s Lux iPhone 6 ranges from $4,495 (Rs. 2,70,000) of the Yellow Gold variant without Diamond logo, up to $8,795 (Rs. 5,29,000) for the Platinum variant with Diamond logo. Other older versions of iPhone and iPad are also available in Lux version for order.

Few months from now a chinese image got viral in which a person was holding a brand new iPhone 6 which was doubted to be the release of new iPhone 6, but soon after that Apple announced the release of iPhone 6 is near.

Notice (on Brikk's Official site)-
Pre-Order requires $500.00 deposit. Once iPhone 6 is officially released, The reminder will be charged. LUX iPhone 6 will ship within 4 weeks of official iPhone 6 release by Apple. Specs, Images AND Information cannot be guaranteed and is subject to change based on the actual release of iPhone 6 by Apple Corporation.

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