Facts About Horses

Today, I went to my village after so long and there I saw my cousin riding horse. I requested him to tell me facts about horses. He listed me many facts, I’m listing that below. Facts Dogs and cats drink by lapping water with their tongues while cattle and horses make use of sucking action. […]

10 Best KickStarter Gifts for Father’s Day

Let’s make your dad feel special this year on Father’s dad. Introduce his to the largest funding network Kickstarter. Buy him product which suits him the most, it will definitely make him burst his love showers on you. In this list there are products which might get delivered late (after 15 June), so convince dad to accept […]

Tactics to Get 1M Facebook Page Likes

He might be kidding? Is this your thought? Then you are absolutely wrong. Because I’m damn serious about this matter. Working very hard? Still not getting likes? No need to worry. Today I will share the tactics page owners use to verify their page with massive likes. You might be now waiting for some very […]

Best Features that Apple didn’t Showcase

Yesterday midnight (2nd June, 2014), apple announced iOS and mac OS update. Many awesome features have been introduced in the iOS 8 update. iOS 8 will arrive with an all new personal health app that will collect your health stats from other devices and apps with user’s access. And one main thing it is arriving with […]