Best Features that Apple didn’t Showcase

Yesterday midnight (2nd June, 2014), apple announced iOS and mac OS¬†update. Many awesome features have been introduced in the iOS 8 update. iOS 8 will arrive with an all new personal health app that will collect your health stats from other devices and apps with user’s access. And one main thing it is arriving with a trench of keyboard options including many local languages.

Two features that apple didn’t showcased

# Lower battery usage

That’s what we were eagerly waiting and expecting from apple years before. It is like dream come true for iPhone lovers. I’m on the 8th heaven. Today I used the Ios developer’s version it was quiet impressive to see battery life-time. Short battery life was the biggest boon to iPhone users, but it will be solved soon this year. I mean ios8 update for all users will be available late this year so be patient.

# The second features is focus and exposure

Yes, now you will be able to do this ‘focus and exposure’. They are separated for a better use. Now just tap to focus and slide your finger up and down to adjust exposure and bang click. You are done with it.

These features will be the most appreciated features of iOS update. Why apple didn’t showcase?

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