Best way to earn money from home/college/school without investment

This post is for helping persons looking for earning from home. People are searching internet a lot for this query and get trapped into wrong hands via fake advertisements. To provide support to those who are trapped in such cases, I’m introducing them to Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is already a well known advertisement network for bloggers, website owners and online advertisers. Many bloggers like Kulwant, Chandeep, Ankit Singla and others earn huge amount form Google Adsense, These bloggers are rocking from many years. How they came to know? How they do it?
Before that let’s start with what actually Google Adsense is and how it works.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertisement network owned by google. It’s a monetization program by Google for online content from websites, mobile sites, and site search results with relevant and engaging ads. Google Adsense is the best paying advertisement network present.

How it works?

Google being one of the popular search engine present, it has a create impact on advertisers to attract them to Google Adsense.

  • Advertiser   ———->  Google (Google adwords)
  • Google        ———->  Publish ads
  • Google        ———->  Pays Publishers
Advertisers pay $$$ to Google for publishing their business or product’s ad on Google itself and other publisher’s website. Via which advertisers get users or customers for their product and get promoted worldwide.
For publishing Google Adsense ads on website, blogs and apps owned get paid from Google but at little less rate that advertiser paid Google. The amount difference is Google’s commission. It hs been reported that Google’s 96% income is from Google Adwords.
This post is not a trap, it is a pure profit-profit game for publishers you just need to work a little hard for it.
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How to use Google Adsense

It is a free method to earn from Google Adsense. You just need to devote some time and be patient for the result.


  • A blog (free from
  • Patience
  • Creative mind
  • Time
  • Ideas
You can easily start your work, even now. You need to register a blog, a free blog, with which is again from Google itself. After having a blog you just need to be creative and work hard.
You need to publish what you know, Things you are perfect in, etc. After working hard, when you are up with 30 to 40 quality content posts, apply for Google Adsense. If you were loyal towards uniqueness and quality of your blog’s content then I guarantee that you can earn $100 per day positively.

You need to choose wisely where to place Adsense ads and which colour is more suitable with my blog. These strategies help you earn some handsome $$$. Even after you get Google Adsense approved you are still under risk of getting banned if you work against Adsense policies. Google is particular about your work and is always carrying a magnifying glass to find your mistakes and penalise you.

To be continued…

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