*Exclusive* Google Inbox Invites for everyone!

Everyone these days is eager to get inbox invites. It is being very difficult for some to find persons with inbox invites. What inbox is?

Google has launched a new app named Inbox by Gmail for Gmail users for Android and iOS. It comes with many awesome features and completely different interface. This app is going viral among geeks and new app seekers. Actually, I’m too one of them.


Why inbox is best?

Inbox new generation thing

Inbox by Google is one of the most waited app, it has features which are not even expected in a E-mail app. Inbox has a completely new flat design, no red this time, its time for blue. Inbox is available for Android, iOS and browsers only and will be extended to Blackberry OS and Windows Later and it has come to our notice that it will be also available in SailfishOS.

Remind me LATER

Frequently forget things to do? But never forget to check inbox for new job offer’s mail?
Now Gmail Team and combined reminder with inbox.
This new app, Inbox for Gmail, allows you add reminders even to your gmail inbox. WOW!! Just add a to-do reminder to your inbox and live tension free, Inbox is here to remind you. If you are busy at that time you can even snooze the reminder. ๐Ÿ™‚

Custom organized tabs

Now, you get access to create your custom category for emails to arrive and stay under one hood. Promos are in one tab, purchases in the other and travel under the third wing.
Now, things will never mess up! you just need to create your tabs for jobs, rent, bills, family and friends. And there you go yipee!!

Never open it again

Done lots of Diwali shopping from amazon and getting confused about the products you bought? and worrying about your next purchases on Christmas and New Year eve?
Don’t worry now ๐Ÿ˜›
You don’t need to open any email arrived to know what it is about, because Inbox does that for you. It shows highlights from email and pop it under the email. This is a really cool way to organize purchase emails.

How to get invite?

I know many of you skipped the part above, no problem but don’t show interest like Inbox is the sexiest girl available on the planet :P. Check the things explained below for your invite. If you missed it, then go to ebay and bid for invite, current bid $122.

If you didn’t got the trick, then you can email at inbox@google.comย and have patience for next few days. I requested it yesterday morning and received an invite by 2:50 PM IST. This was really fast and time may differ according to your command on writing or luck.

I have inbox invites available to get one, Comment on this post and readers with best comments will get invite for free.

Soon, I will organize a Inbox invite giveaway, if possible, very soon. To get notified subscribe to our newsletters.

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