Exclusive Interview with Mukul Chugh, 13 year blogger from Bloggingorb

Abhishek – Mukul Chugh, please introduce you to our readers.

Mukul- Hey, I am Mukul Chugh a student I am a experienced blogger from India. I am a tech enthusiast and a passionate blogger. I blog at BloggingOrb.com

Abhishek – How you got introduced to blogging?

Mukul- I am a tech geek and I was always interested in this techy stuff since I was of 6-7 years and I used to tweak my pc and doing all those techy things. I was introduced to blogging by my cousin those were his starting time and i was really inspired by him and then I decided to start it as a hobby.

Abhishek – When and how you started your blogging career?

Mukul- As I mentioned that I got the inspiration from my cousin to get into blogging but as a hobbies and i used to visit my site every day but the customization and posting were not constant and I was to copy others article and then putting it on my site  this went on for few months and then I started monetizing my site through different ad networks but only few worked like infolinks and chitika. As my site was having copied content  after few years I came to my cousin’s place and stayed there for 2 weeks as of my summer vacations and then I started observing him about his posting habits and web design there I learned real blogging I cleared all my concerns and in 2012 I started my First authoritative site i.e. Tech Knowledge Providers. It was a blogspot site but after I renamed it To News Chimps (It is not active now) and then there I got great success I earned and then I learned more and about different methods of earnings  But after some time I paused and started a new site with a .com named Blogging Guys and unfortunately It got blacklisted due to a infected script. And Then I worked hard on it to get it unlisted from Google blacklist but nothing happened and then I transferred all the content to a new site That is BloggingOrb.com and Blogging Orb is running well now 

Abhishek – Which one was your first blog?

Mukul- I started my blogging carrier with a games and softwares blog as I mentioned about it earlier ( Copied content) it is.
Dushantgames.blogspot.com and it is live now.

Abhishek – Please tell us about your education and where you live?

Mukul- I am a school student currently studying in class 8th in Jaycees Public School, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand.
You can check my school’s site also: http;//www.jpsrudrapur.com

Abhishek – Which bloggers or blogs helped you to reach such success?

Mukul- I constantly follow:
Digital Inspiration
Shout Me Loud
Pro Blogger

Abhishek – Precautions and suggestions for upcoming bloggers?

Mukul- I will suggest them to be unique and don’t copy others as it will not make you a problogger really this will not give a good effect to anyone in your community and your blog be surely be effected as Google never appreciate copied content.

Abhishek – Which new bloggers you follow?

Mukul- I usually follow Krishna Moorthy D and Abid Omar as they are very good in blogging 

Abhishek – What do you think about letmetell community?

Mukul- Let Me Tell is a very good initiative for the people to get latest knowledge of the world as Let Me Tell give latest information on latest trends

Abhishek – Your suggestion for letmetell.com?

Mukul- Let Me Tell is a budding community for the latest information this will help all the guys who always used to get the latest news 

Abhishek – What do you feel about blog-o-sphere growth?

Mukul- Blog-O-Sphere growth is seen by millions of bloggers every time new techniques are introduced as well as new ways of blogging blog-o-sphere is still growing and this is really good.

Abhishek – Every blogger has his/her secret of success, what’s your?

Mukul- My secret of success is my passion and determination towards blogging and the way I blog as I already mentioned that success lies in being unique. So my uniqueness is my secret of success

Abhishek – Tell us about yourself beside blogging?

Mukul- I am a very normal guy I study. I love reading books and the most creative thing I do is designing logos and graphics.

Abhishek – Tell us about your blog’s stats and earning from it?

Mukul- My stats hmm…..This a pretty good question. I have loyal readers I am getting good traffic daily. Most of my traffic is referral the rest is the Search traffic.

Abhishek – Which ways you adopt to get readers to your blog bloggingorb.com?

Mukul- Being unique will surely attract readers giving a catchy title to post will attract and the best thing will attract the readers is your content quality content is must.

Abhishek – Your message for fellow bloggers.

Mukul- As I always Say Success lies in Uniqueness so my message for the newbies will be.

“Follow The Trend By Being Unique”

By Abhishek Bamotra

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