Facts About Horses

Today, I went to my village after so long and there I saw my cousin riding horse. I requested him to tell me facts about horses. He listed me many facts, I’m listing that below.


  1. Dogs and cats drink by lapping water with their tongues while cattle and horses make use of sucking action.
  2. A horse’s height is measured in hands; 1 hand = 4 inches.
  3. A pony is not a baby horse but is a fully grown small horse
  4. A horse baby is known as a foal.
  5. Foals cannot eat grass because their legs are too long to reach the ground.
  6. Foals can stand up within one hour after they are born.
  7. Most foals are born in the night.
  8. Horses use their tails to send signals to other horses how they are feeling.
  9. Horses sit very less maybe once in a week or once after hard work that too for not more than 2 min.
  10. Horses sleep while standing on 3 legs giving rest to one and change that combination whole night.

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