How to create and publish a best seller book

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There are many authors these days publishing books, but not all of them are getting good results from public. Most of the time, they get disappointed and even quit writing when they came to know that their book is boring to read, readers are preferring to find some alternative to your book.

Think it’s your mistake? You would have worked harder?

Nope, always that’s┬ánot the matter. Many times it’s your book’s look and your way of making people exhaust. You can’t resist the word look, that is what which matters a lot while a reader buys a book.

Many good content writers even lose their readers by making the book look vulgar, with an old stylized cover, etc. Which is same for blog-o-sphere also bloggers with vulgar design are not recommended. Today I will discuss sometimes to make your book best seller.

Follow the below points carefully-

Create and Publish a Best Seller Book

1. Proper content building

Before starting ask yourself, ‘Is your content properly built?’

If your answer is yes, only then move on.

best content

If your best seller is a storyline, maintain your pace, don’t drag your story to increase your page counts. That trick of increasing page count has totally failed, there are thousands of such books on the market with no readers from last 3-4 years.

If your best seller is on people’s view, Ask your readers to think over it, ask them questions and generate motivation in them. Such motivational books are in great demand.

If your best seller is a fiction, make things weird and funny to read.

If your best seller is about a real story, Share your views about the moment going on and create such lines which make the reader feel that moment. Share relative relations in the text.

Keep some topics as mystery to gain reader’s interest.

2. Visual speaks more

Never try to publish a longer book without visuals. That is the main reason that many readers feel exhausted while looking only to the text, visuals break the boring mood and makes reader fresh again to read more. Also visuals help readers understand more.
Don’t use too many visuals, that also makes reader annoy. (Has he spent money for a best seller book or a magazine)
Use simple and beautiful borders where suitable, don’t mess everything.
Give every chapter or topic a beautifully written header, it is definitely going to attract readers.

3. Modern cover

Ever bought any book with vulgar cover, which makes you feel vomit?
This is the main mistake made by most of the authors. Although they have some great content printed, but the cover makes the sales down by 60%. According to human nature, first look makes your decision about the thing. A book with a vulgar cover is equal to making an expired medicine (no use).
Hire a designer to design your best seller’s cover. Make it simple and beautiful. Design should not hide the book’s name. Make a flap cover, it makes your book double safe and enhances its look.

4. Famous Publisher

This is not a trick or anything but it plays a very important role in your best seller’s sale. Famous publishers have more selling opportunities. They have more stores for sale.
More store availability = More sale = Best Seller

Hiring a famous publisher have many advantages like they know the standard sizes (those people prefer most), they can’t compromise with paper quality, they know how to make your best seller feel like a best seller.

Some top know Publishers-

  • While Thomas Nelson
  • B&H
  • Orient Publishing

Also read-

5. A release and promoting team

 Before publishing a book remember to add proper credits to persons behind the story. Make a powerful team both online and offline includes your colleges, helpers, designer, family, friends and online friends.
Create a proper event while releasing your book. Make your team members speak about your book in public and also on social media.
Set up a stage for your best seller’s release. Tell some story or about your book to the audience and keep all other things as mysteries. Decorate and speak things which appeal people to read your book for the next moment.

Final words

After doing all the above jobs, now comes the main event. Make an ad unit and publish that on all over the internet. Influence Facebook, Google Adsense, Bing ads, Infolinks and all books website.
Don’t forget to make an e-book of your best seller. Sell it for 5$ less at all e-book stores, including Play Store and apple store.
If you think I skipped something, please feel free to comment your suggestion.

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