Interview with Tech Trix Master Abhishek Tavasalkar,

Hi Everyone, Today I’m here with a precious interview with Abhishek Tavasalkar, owner of He is a specialist in gets sponsors for his blog.
So, let’s begin our interview with him 🙂

1. Hello Abhishek, I’m feeling great to interview you! Can you please introduce yourself to my readers?

A. Hi Abhishek, Thanks a lot for inviting me on I feel very very very greatful to be here and more enticed to introduce myself to your lovely readers.

Hello Folks, I am Abhishek Tavasalkar an entrepreneur, blogger, graphic designer, computer technician and unfortunately an engineering student. I blog at where I do share Tips and Tricks related to Computers, Internet, Facebook, Mobiles and everything related to tech.

I do even share electronics buying guide for consumers and even product reviews to help them buy the best product for every buck paid.

I’d love to know your responses about in the comments section below, I’ll appreciate it a lot.

2. Blogging is tough, isn’t it? Please do list some hurdles in blogging and how to overcome them?

A. I agree, Blogging is tough, very tough. Anyone who thinks it isn’t must be dreaming or haven’t done blogging. Just like every other blogger I had some common hurdles which I have been able to overcome.

First is definitely suffering over 6 months with low traffic. I had only about 100 odd views for starting 6 months but now it’s my blog is 9 months old and rakes in over 2800+ visitors/day, isn’t that cool? I joined Imran Uddin’s blog coaching program where I learned what works and what not. Mainly SEO is everything because almost all blog get 80-90% traffic from search engines. Now I have great control over on-page SEO and other important factors on

Secondly was suffering from low income. Now I do make a respectable income from my blog. I even write articles for my clients that bring in decent money. Even logo designing and affiliate income add some cool money.

Other problems included slow loading speed, backlinking strategies and so on but luckily I was able to overcome them all by manually editing my site and doing only good backlinks.

3., a well known name in blogosphere, where did the idea came from?

A. I don’t think is popular but yeah it has been able to garner a good name among bloggers and readers. Since I am a computer technician from the past 6 years, it was very natural to come up with a Computer & Technology website.

When I started I had seen many Technology Website which weren’t adding any value; putting up recycled articles. That is what I wanted to change. Since I have great knowledge about tech and computers, I was able to come with tips and tricks that really work, as I had practical knowledge and it helped me a lot.

4. Abhishek tavasalkar – helping hand for new bloggers. Always there to help! Always available on social media! Really impressive work! It’s like impossible thing for newbies to manage time. Tell them how you are encountering it?

A. To be frank, I too find it hard to manage time along with my engineering college. I usually log in to Facebook when I come back where around 3-4 Friend Requests are already waiting and twice the amount of Messages waiting to be answered.

I do help most of the bloggers in many of their problem; even if I can’t help them I direct them to bloggers who can help them at their best.

Though I usually avoid replying to generic questions like ‘how to get traffic’ or about building traffic or so on which can be easily available with a search on Google.

5. Everyone has got inspiration from one person or other. Who was your inspiration to join blogging?

A. I learned about blogging on Imran Uddin’s blog. It was natural to be on his site to find tech solutions but when I saw his income reports, it blew me away. When I saw that he was able to buy a car and help his mom buy a house even before passing out of engineering college, I knew blogging is what I wanted to do.

Though any engineering student would regret a drop but I cherished it because I had ample amount of time to experiment with blogging.

I even spend time on Vinay Goud and how easily he was able to make good income. Later I learned lot from Jon Morrow’s blog, even Brian Dean’s site and many others.

6. Everyone is surprised to see your high progress rate, they think you have a babylon’s secret book of blogging. What’s your secret of success?

A. Haha! I don’t have any secret book to success. I believe I have been blessed a lot compared to other bloggers who are more hardworking, more consistent and better than me.

Last month I had published only 4 articles and was still able to almost triple my website traffic compared to July. This really shows I’m more blessed than bloggers who publish almost 20-25 articles per month.

Analyse a lot before taking any step. Take into consideration long term plan rather than acutely small. It’s advised to start a blog based on hunch and interest, rather than income you’ll generate or how popular other blogs in that niche are.

If you believe in something, you’ll work a lot harder to achieve it, that’s what I believe in. Let me know if I’m wrong.

7. People are surprised to see your talent to get sponsors for giveaway post. What you do for it and your tips for them?

A. I think I’m very bad at getting sponsors for my blog. All the sponsors that I have right now were suggested to me by Harshit Jain, of whom I’m very proud about. He’s the one who tells me about sponsored posts opportunities or any bloggers meet in town. Just like I told above I’m blessed to have friends like Harshit Jain and lot others to help me out.

The only thing is I’d like to advise is to think about the advertiser before pitching an email. Think what does an advertiser needs to grow his business, how they will benefitted if they sponsor a post or giveaway on your blog and how they will come back for more when they release a new product.

8. Can we know who is behind your blogging success?

A. I have shamelessly asked a lot of help from many bloggers when I started. I used to message them and used to squeeze every piece of info they had.


Anurag Balagam and ATM team has a huge portion in my success. I joined ATM’s blog coaching program and learned everything that works and doesn’t works in blogging.

I joined them during late June 2014 and in July Blog Traffic rose to 30,000 compared to only 2,500 in June. The progress was huge and even now Anurag Balagam helps me everytime I have any query. Just like I said, I’m the most blessed blogger having so many people to help me out. Just to balance the karma, even I too help all the new bloggers who have genuine problems with their blog.

9. Which other Blogs you’d suggest readers other than

A. I’d usually prefer readers to stick around with as they have the best articles in the industry. Even is great along with

For tech news I usually stick around with and

Thanks, Abhishek sir for giving us some time from your busy schedule. So, readers here it is!! Now you can ask questions from Abhishek sir. Do comment your questions.

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