Review of DEALGURU- Deals in their new avatar

DealGuru is the fresh entry in the online shopping segment of the Indian market, which is brought by another leading online shopping portal called AskMeBazaar, the website which has got lots of recognition because of its latest ad campaign with the Bollywood hot babe, Kangana Ranaut. DealGuru is the ultimate website to visit, if you are looking for cost efficient deals, whether you happen to be at the buyers end or that of the seller. Also, the fact that DealGuru is associated with the name of AskMeBazaar makes it even more reliable and trusted place for its customers!

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DealGuru-Blending Quality with Variety

Every online shopper who has ever used AskMeBazaar for making lucrative deals is sure to swear by the quality of products offered on this website, in addition to the wide variety showcased here in terms of brands, colors, sizes and everything else you see while selecting a product. Similarly, DealGuru too furnishes a great deal of stuff, both in terms of variety as well as quality. Here, you can get your hands on multi branded clothing, both western and ethnic, accessories, perfumes, mobiles, household goods, electrical appliances and much more. More than 900 sellers are showcasing their products on DealGuru, which has more than 100 deals live right now. This is what really makes DealGuru the Guru of all online shopping deals.

DealGuru for Sellers and Buyers

DealGuru is the platform which assists both the buyers as well as the sellers to make lucrative deals. The sellers can get rid of the redundant stuff, which otherwise has no demand in the market, with the help of DealGuru and make money from this worthless stuff. Similarly, for those buyers, who are looking for such stuff, which has been put off the open market, this is a perfect opportunity to buy them, that too at discounted rates. That is why, DealGuru plays a pivotal role in securing profitable deals for both ends of the shopping chain.

How DealGuru can Secure Lucrative Deals for All

DealGuru is a website, which is supervised by AskMeBazaar, which surveys the whole country to find sellers who are willing to sell their excessive goods at discounted rates. Once they find all such interested sellers, AskMeBazaar takes the responsibility of reviewing their product quality and fixing a discounted price accordingly, with discount sometimes going up to 90%. As soon as the seller agrees with this deal, it is put up on the website DealGuru, along with the discounted price, product images and description. Once the customer places the order for the product, DealGuru promises to make its doorstep delivery for the buyer. Once the delivery is made, it is confirmed by AskMeBazaar and after the payment is received, the same is reimbursed to the buyer. What adds to the reliability value of DealGuru is the fact that the return formalities are handled by AskMeBazaar.

In a nutshell, DealGuru by AskMeBazaar is the best way to buy and sell, which can be of great help for all its customers all over India, in getting the most amazing deals, for selling or buying

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