Tactics to buy cheap Air Tickets

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Finding air tickets very expensive?

No, need to worry. Flying by aircraft is very expensive these days. But as time is money, so many people
prefer buying air tickets rather than railways tickets to save time, and comfort. Actually traveling by aircraft has become luxury and status.

Can you balance your status with some little money?

Absolutely,  the answer to the question is ‘NO‘. You can’t make your status down 😛

Sometimes you see the airplane ticket rates touching sky and on another date the same flight is at very low price ‘But How?‘. Below I will discuss all the tips how to get cheap air tickets.

Tactics to buy cheap Air Tickets

1. 2 months Pre-booking

Buy your tickets at least 2-3 months before your travel date. As the date comes near the price becomes 4x times the lowest fare.
It is my  personal experience once I travelled with my family to Chennai with all three tickets for just Rs.6,400/- and the other time, it was an emergency so I booked ticket 1 day before and got one single ticket of the same flight for Rs.10,000/-. That is a huge difference and the personals travelling.
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2-months pre-booking
buy, near date flights, airplane
Near date booking
The above image illustrates the difference. Airline companies take advantage of your emergency.

2. Alternative Airport

Many travellers without thinking sometimes book air tickets at much higher rates, but they are not alert that they can get air tickets at half price for a near airport. Like if you are travelling to South India and want to go visit Chennai then you can switch your route from

New Delhi – Chennai   to   New Delhi – Banglore

It hardly takes time to  reach Chennai from Banglore, when you can save about Rs.5,000.

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3. Stay home the festival day

Don’t travel on a festival day, rather travel before or after that festival day. Airline companies rise their price 3x times on the festive season. Because most people, businessmen prefer going back home on these days.
You can even notice the price difference in summer and winter season. Flights are some but costly in summer than in winters. So, prefer making your travelling tour in winters and enjoy the snow.
Actually, I personally like winters and snow.

4. Compare on Different websites

After making sure your travel date and time, don’t hurry to book your flight straight away from one website. Search and hunt for the lowest price available. If you going on a holiday trip, give Tripadvisor a chance.
Travelling websites to buy cheap air tickets list-
  • Yatra.com
  • Via.com
  • Makemytrip.com
  • Tripbase.com

5. Enquire for special discount

Many travelling website offers special hidden discounts on flights. Try searching them on google and check google ads on top or on the right side panel.
Many websites provide discount to special users like who use abc bank credit card will get extra 10% discount. So, try to buy tickets from that bank’s credit card if you have or any friend of yours have and can make a transaction on your behalf.
buy, discount, airplanes, air tickets
Discount Example

6. Prefer travelling on package

If you are going on a holiday travelling tour then prefer taking holiday packages rather than buying tickets, booking hotels and taxis separately. It will definitely be cheaper because these packages come with heavy discount.
Check list for best packages-
  • Yatra.com
  • Via.com
  • Tripadvisor.in
  • Makemytrip.com

Last words

Through travelling by aircraft is expensive, you can travel in your budget if you follow my above 6 tips to buy cheap airline tickets. Rather that saved money could be used to impress your wife/girlfriend on your tour, buy her a new clothing. 🙂  Happy journey.

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