Tactics to Get 1M Facebook Page Likes

He might be kidding? Is this your thought?

Then you are absolutely wrong. Because I’m damn serious about this matter.

Working very hard? Still not getting likes?

No need to worry. Today I will share the tactics page owners use to verify their page with massive likes. You might be now waiting for some very abnormal techniques, but I will contradict it. Many of you may be knowing some tactics, but they might not be working for you. Today I’m up with some verified tactics.
Before coming on the topic I would like to share my friend-Cum-bro Harshit Manocha’s experience. He launched his first page in 2012 but didn’t took it serious it was about a city. He just published some pics and status and started reducing his devotion towards his page. He once forgot that he owned a page. Page just got 200-300 likes those days. After a year In month of July he again started publishing on his page. He was very upset because he was not getting what he deserved for his hard work. Then we both started research on how people get massive likes on their page. About 1 month later we got solutions to it. Today I’m first time disclosing these tactics to readers.

Tactics we learnt

Tag Friends

Let’s take an example if you upload a post on your page your reach just approaches to 100 or 150 max. To solve this problem and expand your reach across your page readers. You need to tag your friends and famous pages, this will expand your reach to more than 1000 at least if you tag friends with a long friends list. Ask your friends to tag their friends, this will create a network of friends of friends which is best to increase page likes.

P.s. Tag female friends  for better results 😛

Invite likes

Invite your friends to like your page. Upload premium and original content that forces your readers to invite people to like your page. This needs your hard work, If you are just copying content and publishing then it is the worst method for you.

P.s. Invite friends you think will surely like your page and will invite others.


S4S stands for Share for Share. This was the most successful method for us to get likes to our page. You just need to contact facebook pages with more than 50k likes and request them to share your page on their page’s wall. If that page is an active one you will surely get more than 100 likes a day. We did this on about 18-20 pages and were able to gather 5k likes.


We did share our page about 20-30 times a day and we able to collect 5-10 likes every time we shared. I know this was a stupid way, but this made our friends and friends-of-friends know that we are page admins.

Fake account

This is a very vulgar looking idea, but it helped us a lot. We created a fake facebook account as a female and share that page with people as much as possible for gaining maximum potential possible. We also hired some active female facebook users with long friends list to share our page on every page, group and their personal wall regularly.

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